Who We Are
Game Prudence is a collaborative responsible gaming initiative by YourDOST - India’s first and largest online counseling platform, and some of India’s top skill gaming industry operators. At Game Prudence we recognise and support the entertaining and de-stressing effects of skill gaming. At the same time, we would also like to help our peers to incorporate responsible gaming habits into their lifestyles.
Our Mission
As skill-based gaming operators, we recognise that it is our duty to promote the best interests of the Indian community in general, and our gamer community in particular. With this in mind, Game Prudence in collaboration with their partners is committed to helping players who wish to stop playing or who wish to limit the amount that they play. Our experts help players with ways to cope with and overcome the unhealthy aspects of gaming and keep them at bay, through free and easily accessible support and tools.

In this mission we are committed to our 4 core values:
Self-respect without compromise
A helping hand no matter what
Best support humanly possible
Strict protection of all information
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