Game Prudence is a private, confidential, non-judgemental and free platform that helps you identify how healthy or unhealthy your gaming habits are as well as receive professional round the clock guidance from Experts who can help you achieve a healthy, well-balanced gamer lifestyle with scientific and personalised one-on-one sessions.
You can take our self-assessment test to find out if you might be at a risk of experiencing the ill-effects of gaming, and accordingly choose your next steps.
Most definitely. At Game Prudence, we guarantee complete client confidentiality. Sessions are completely private and held with professional psychologists who are certified in responsible gaming by IGA, the world’s foremost authority on responsible gaming. All our psychologists adhere strictly to the international code of ethics for counseling. Your trust is invaluable to us and we shall never give you an opportunity to lose it.
Nothing at all. This service is completely free for you to avail.
You can directly call our support team at +91-8046809955 and they shall help set up a telephonic session for you with Psychologist.

Alternatively, you can request a callback from our team at a time of your convenience here.
Remember, relapse is a part of recovery. The fact that you went on without giving in for a certain period of time, no matter how short or long, proves you do have it in you to be a responsible gamer. Resume receiving support from our Psychologists. Best part is you won’t be starting from square one. We are in this together.
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