Signs & Effects Of Excessive Gaming
Signs of Excessive Gaming
If you agree with five or more of the below mentioned statements, you may be a victim of excessive gaming behaviour.
  • You spend an excessive amount of time playing.
  • When not playing, you find yourself preoccupied with thoughts about the game, how to play the next time, and how to earn more money the next time.
  • Each time you play, you end up spending a higher amount money than before to experience the desired excitement.
  • You have made multiple unsuccessful attempts to reduce or stop playing.
  • When you reduce or stop playing, you feel restless or irritable.
  • You play to escape from your problems, or for getting relief from sadness, anxiety or other negative emotions.
  • After losing money in the game, you often return soon to recover the loss.
  • You have lied to your family and/or friends in order to hide the extent of your habit of playing.
  • You have committed illegal acts such as forgery, fraud or theft to finance your habit.
  • You have ruined or lost an important relationship, job, or educational opportunity because of playing.
  • You depend on others to provide you with money to deal with the financial constraints caused by playing.
How can excessive gaming affect your life?
Excessive gaming can cause major long term problems in one’s life.

Mr. Ram spent 10-13 hours a day playing, and had difficulty in managing his day-to-day responsibilities. On one hand, he felt isolated and ignored by his family. On the other hand, his family just did not understand his situation and could not provide him the right support. His professional life was severely affected, almost costing him his job.

The case of Mr. Ram is one of the more severe cases. However, issues caused by excessive gaming can vary from minimal disturbances to one’s daily routine, to feeling completely dependent on the game, like Mr. Ram.
At a personal level
  • Your daily routine may be affected
  • You may experience health issues
  • Your sleep and food habits may be adversely affected.
  • You may experience mood swings
  • You may be unable to take care of yourself like you did before
  • You may find it difficult to carry out your responsibilities
  • You may experience anger outbursts and irritability
  • You may feel low, anxious, or fearful most of the time
  • You may find it difficult to manage money
  • You may undergo frequent financial loss due to playing
  • You may have taken too many loans or may have pending credit card bills because of the game
  • You may frequently borrow money from others
  • You may find it difficult to fulfill daily needs financially
  • You may find yourself spending more than what you can afford
  • You may begin to rely on the money earned from playing as a source of income
  • You may take huge financial risks in playing situations
At home
  • You may encounter frequent conflicts due to the game
  • You may receive complaints from family that you don't spend enough time with them
  • You may feel misunderstood most of the time
  • You may feel isolated from your family
  • You may experience anger and irritability at home causing you to initiate fights
At work
  • You may experience problems in concentrating
  • You may receive negative feedback from your higher-ups
  • You may experience problems with colleagues
  • You may find it difficult to keep a job due to your gaming
  • You may find yourself losing interest in social gatherings and interactions
  • You may have frequent quarrels and fights with friends
  • You may find it difficult to maintain relationships
  • You may find it difficult to trust others
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